Why is it Important to Keep Your Workplace Clean And Tidy?

We get it, you’re busy. Running a successful company takes time and effort, so spending time cleaning and tidying is, understandably, not always considered a priority. However, there are many benefits to keeping your office looking its best, and here are a few that might just give you the motivation you need to get on the phone and book a commercial office cleaning company.

1. Clean Offices Have Better Productivity

A recent scientific study, ‘Impact of cleanliness on the productivity of employees’ (2017), solidifies what a lot of employees already know – that they are more productive in a clean office. The researchers found that:

“There is a significant relationship between the perceived productivity and both the service cleanliness and the particle counts in the ambient air. This means that when the office environment is more polluted (less surface cleanliness and higher particle counts), employees experience lower productivity.”

Essentially, this means that your staff will get more work done if the office is clean and tidy, saving you – as the business owner – time and money. A clean and tidy office provides fewer distractions from work, and makes employees work in a more organised way.

2. Clean Office Equals Fewer Sick Days

Speaking of productivity, one major drain on productivity is employee sickness. It is reported that employee absence due to ill health costs an estimated £77.5 billion a year for the UK economy.


A healthy workforce is also a happy workforce. Being unwell and still coming to work, or being forced to take a sick day because of illness, is incredibly stressful for most people, who cannot function at their best and will inevitably pass illnesses on in the workplace. Stress, again, is a major contributor to ill health. All of this can be solved by effective office cleaning.

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3. First Impressions Matter

When you bring clients into your office, you want them to see you as a professional, capable company which is on top of every aspect of the business. It’s hard to give this impression when there’s dust, dirt or clutter everywhere. You would be surprised by the details people pick up on; even a dead fly in the corner could be make or break for some clients. Effective, regular cleaning, combined with ensuring surfaces are kept clean and tidy, could help boost your business in more ways than one.

4. Protect Your Workforce From Safety Hazards

It’s not just dirt that can cause employee absenteeism. Sickness from an unclean office is one thing, but accidents caused by untidiness are quite another. Trip hazards are the leading cause of workplace injury, and can not only put staff out of action, but also put you at risk of lawsuits.

A good office cleaning company will ensure that any potential hazards are cleared, keeping your employees safe from harm.

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5. Prolonging Lifespan of Office Items

Dust getting into the fan of a computer’s hard drive can really affect how long the machine lasts. The main problem caused by dust inside a computer is overheating, which causes the processors to slow down and operate less efficiently.

For printers, the effects of dust, hair and other dirt getting into the inner workings can be truly problematic. Expensive or irreparable damage can be caused, essentially breaking the printer outright. Maintaining a clean office is key to preserving the health of these expensive office assets.

Commercial office cleaning is an important and cost-saving aspect of running a successful business. A small investment in order to keep your company running smoothly, an office cleaner who takes on all the responsibility of keeping your office at its best is worth its weight in gold. 

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