Office Cleaning Tips

office cleaning tips

Simple and effective commercial cleaning tips

From boutique agencies to large corporations, nobody likes a dirty workplace. In fact, it’s been suggested that the cleanliness of a working environment can positively impact employee productivity and happiness.

So, what exactly can you do to keep on top of all the dust and mess in-between visits from your office cleaning company?

  • Incorporate a Clean Desk policy – With research suggesting the average office desk contains 400 more germs than a toilet seat this one should be a top priority. Provide employees with easy to use desk wipes to encourage daily desk cleaning and say goodbye to last Tuesday’s tea stains!
  • Organise on a daily basis to keep dust and dirt from building up. Utilise storage around the office and make sure paperwork isn’t left lying around. Giving employees their own storage units and filing cabinets under their desk will encourage them to put things away.
  • Floor and carpet cleaning is essential in busy offices and is most often tackled by your chosen office cleaners. But, if there’s a spillage or a stain, it’s a good idea to get on it straight away before it settles into the fabric and causes a stain.
  • Cleaning rotas for the office are a great way to delegate tasks each day to employees. Small tasks that can build up quickly including rubbish removal, bin bag replacement, collecting dirty mugs and given communal areas a quick clean can be added to this list of tasks.

What does professional office cleaning consist of?

If you’re hiring your first professional office cleaning company or you’ve decided to move away from your current supplier, you may be wondering what exactly to expect from your office cleaning schedule.

Our office cleaning specifications can be fully customised to suit your workplace environment and the changing needs of your organisation. Office cleaning should consist of exactly what you need it to, including;

  • Daily, Twice Weekly, Once Weekly office cleaning
  • Workspace dusting, cleaning from ceiling to floor level
  • Desk cleaning including keyboard, phone & mice sanitation
  • Floor and carpet cleaning
  • Keeping your conference, meeting and training rooms looking pristine
  • Office kitchen cleaning including appliances such as coffee machines
  • Waiting room and reception area cleaning
  • Toilets and shower rooms

We provide office cleaners that know how to get the job done and are always happy to help wherever you need us. One week you may require extra help in certain rooms or areas of the office; a flexible cleaning company should be able to adapt to be able to help you get the most from hiring an office cleaning company.

Top Office Cleaning Tips & Advice

We take care of many offices and workplaces, but it’s surprising how many offices are not regularly cleaned. Here’s the Hashtag Clean team’s top office cleaning tips:

  • Clients and visitors appreciate a clean office and it gives a great first impression of your business.
  • Include cleaning costs in your essential monthly budget to keep employees and visitors happy.
  • Give employees access to bins and storage facilities to prevent rubbish and paperwork build up.
  • Encourage employees to get involved with day to day cleaning duties and take responsibility for their own workspace.
  • Treat stains, spillages and blockages as quickly as possible to prevent further damage or health and safety issues.
  • Clean electronics regularly as dust loves these devices and will build up quickly. Plus, keyboards, computer accessories and telephones often harbour many germs.

Choosing an Office Cleaning Company

If all this mention of germs, bacteria and dust has given you plenty reason to start thinking about using a professional office cleaning company, then here are our tips on how to choose an office cleaning company for your business.

  • You’ll probably have plenty of options to choose from but how do you know which is going to give you the best service? Most cleaning companies advertising online will have reviews available so you can see how well rated they are by their customers.
  • If they don’t give you much information then they probably aren’t the cleaning company for you. Look for lots of information about the types of office cleaning service they can provide.
  • Cleaning companies with a good track record won’t be shy about letting you know. It’s a good sign if the cleaning company you are interested in is open and honest about their current list of clients. Look for company logos, testimonials and case study pages.

Here at Hashtag Clean, our office cleaning team work hard to keep up the high standards that we have become known for.  With our client at the forefront of everything we do, we even offer a free deep clean at the beginning of a regular cleaning schedule so your workplace is looking it’s best right from the start.

Don’t forget to always consider the health and safety aspects of hiring an office cleaner and look for a cleaning company that is fully insured so if something goes wrong it can be handled in the right way.

You can find out more about our office cleaning services here or you can contact us directly to find out more information and to arrange a free consultation with a member of the Hashtag Clean team.



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